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Capture Airway Biomarkers Whenever and Wherever Symptomatic Episodes Occur

Differentiate Airway Inflammation from Acid Reflux-Induced Respiratory Symptoms

Changes in the lung happen rapidly and exacerbations can occur at any time. Only the RTube™ captures the vital data you need by being available for the subject to use during symptomatic episodes, any time, any place. Unsupervised patients can easily collect samples in their home and send them through the mail to you or to our central laboratory for analysis. Over 165,000 collections have been taken non-invasively using this system making it the premier solution for Exhaled Breath Condensate collection, transport and storage. [more]

What is Exhaled Breath Condensate?

Exhaled Breath Condensate (EBC) is the exciting new method of simply and safely capturing breath samples for non-invasive assessment of airway inflammation, chemistry, and evidence of airway acid exposure and production. These breath samples contain Airway Lining Fluid (ALF) evolved by turbulence from the airway wall as well as condensed water vapor and soluble volatiles. Dozens of inflammatory and chemical compounds have been identified in EBC samples that have helped us to better understand lung disease and create new diagnostic tools. [more]

"The RTube has become a vital part of our asthma research program. We have found that even pre-school children can collect and store breath condensate with the RTube at home, a method that is not feasible with other collection systems.

In a recent study, we were able to obtain breath condensate with the RTube in over 50 children with acute exacerbations of asthma in the hospital. This would not be possible with a stationary collection device."

W. Gerald Teague, M.D.
Division of Pulmonary Medicine
Department of Pediatrics
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia USA

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